Friday, September 4, 2015

A Tribute to teachers

From soul searching darkness to light
Is a journey together we alight
She provides strength to my flight
For I know her hands will hold me tight
And never let me be out of sight......

These lines were beautifully etched on a card that I received from one of the students on the morning of teachers day.

It set me thinking of the enormous trust and faith placed in us by our learners. When those shining eyes and bright faces look at us as role models and mentors........ I feel humbled and honoured at the same time.

I take this opportunity to call out to all my fellow teachers to pledge our utmost sincerity to this chosen profession of ours, that provides us with the power to affect lives positively. It gives us the unique opportunity to be of service to the community, nation and the world at large by our ability to inspire the process of erudition and growth.

Despite the challenges and roadblocks, the tight schedules and substitutions,the syllabus deadlines and examinations , let's all ENJOY the process of teaching and enabling our learners to truly blossom.

Wishing you all a very happy teachers day !!

Bindu Sehgal