Friday, February 20, 2015

Hard work is the shortest route to success........

No matter how cliche'd it sounds but such is the truth that resonates behind most success stories.

Dear children,

Success most definitely is a blend of factors, but the shortest and the surest route to its achievement is paved by consistent hard work .
As you all are moving towards an important part of school life-- the board exams----

I send forth all my good wishes and blessings. I also do sincerely hope that the hard work put in by you and your teachers bears the most beautiful fruit.

My only piece of advice in these last few days to you before the exams would be to:
1. Remain FOCUSSED
3. Work on your STRENGTHS
4. REVISE all notes given by the teachers

As they say God helps those who help themselves, we need to take the first step towards pursuing our dreams .
Exams are important aspect of our lives but not the be all and end all of things. Consider them to be a stepping stone towards building on our future endeavours .

Wishing you all the best ......

Bindu Sehgal