Friday, November 21, 2014


The Unicef statistics reveal their are half a billion children in India. Though a lot needs to be done to ensure the survival, growth and development of this asset: its children.

This children’s day my heart goes out to a part of this population that has succumb to pressure the pressure of child labour.
Why do we celebrate this day ? Yes , we do pay homage to a great leader whose love for children is immense , but as a nation out true homage to this great man would be to built a country that values, cares and support its children. we need to provide them with real education, avenues for growth, proper nutrition & low cost health care facilities.

Then indeed we would be celebrating children’s day in its true spirit.
spending the last three decades in the field of education, i have realise untapped potential that lies in this asset. providing children education implies making the next generation competent and innovative enough
to face the challenges of highly complex world.

so lets pledge to provide every child with a smile, reach out and make a difference to the lives of this greatest asset.
In the words of his holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar “ lets unleash a world of intention, attention and manifestation”. If we pay attention to a good intention, the cosmos will manifest it.
Wishing all my students and children at large a  very happy children’s day.

Bindu Sehgal.