Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Secret Unraveled……………………

The mystery of human life and how to go about it has been one of the most profound questions of all time. Be it theologists or religious leaders, creative heads, visionaries or men of substance have all tried answering this empirically heavy thought.

Well my years of experience with life have taught me one simple lesson which I thought I would share with all of you in this blog. The answers to all problems lie in the human mind. It has the invincible power of creation. What I try and resist will always persist and if I want something to happen with all my heart all I have to do is to imagine it with a faith that has insurmountable power.

There is what I call the secret to a good life in a nutshell.

My blog last month was a precursor to this thought. In fact the presentation that I gave to all members of staff rested on bringing in them the paradigm shift of analyzing their mind and not let external factors be responsible for how and what they feel . Try creating a feel good factor that resonates with universe and you would be surprised at all the goodness that comes back your way. Instead of cribbing and encouraging negative thoughts and emotions train your mind to embrace and enhance happy and positive vibes. For when they become a part of the cosmos they multiply and help you attract more positivity and happiness in your life.

As they say the mind can achieve all that it can perceive.

Thereby proving that if I m perceiving all in the negative then that is what I am achieving or building and visa versa.

Do not live your life in the superficial mode. The real you is the energy inside and not the body outside. Do not let the physical act as a barrier to your growth and development as an energy centre.

How do I do this?

Believe in the indubitable power of the human will to achieve what it sets out to.

So dear friends, students and colleagues, unleash the power of positivity, happiness and the endless reserve of feeling good that the almighty has blessed us with………..

May you see the light……………
God bless
Vinay kumar