Thursday, October 15, 2009



Of all the relationships that epitomize selfless devotion and nurturing what comes to my mind after a parent child relationship is the bond between a teacher and a student.

I had once read that a teacher is like a potter, who manages to turn wet clay into a masterpiece. The profundity of the thought has stayed with me and infact has inspired me as a teacher to be imbued with true diligence to the noble task at hand.

Over the years thousands of students have passed through these hands and I have selflessly tried to nurture a value system that is the core or the beating heart of this institution. As a lamp that illuminates the path of its learners, my team of teachers and myself always see as our highest responsibility the equipping of young minds with skills to help them nurture into individuals who possess a keen intellect, a vision for the future and a heart that has the spirit of service as its agenda.

It has been our earnest endeavour to provide ethical direction and stimulus to the vast reservoir of energy within the portals of this institution, thereby enabling it to carve out creative and inspired individuals who would possess along with academic excellence the inner illumination required to dispel the darkness in the world.
It is with this basic guiding principle in mind DPS Vasant Kunj has been expanding its horizons and taking majestic strides towards its goal of excellence.
I would urge all students to go and thank their teachers for their inspiration and nurturing.
This month also marks the element of divinity and prosperity in our lives with Diwali being around the corner.
My goodwishes to all parents,students and colleagues.

May god bless you with good health and happiness.

Vinay Kumar