Friday, June 12, 2009

Spinning the yarn of education with threads of dedication.......

The CBSE results are the most awaited event on the academic calendar of our country. Despite the rising mercurial levels they still manage to generate ample interest and publicity. Even the forlorn relatives call to find out how your child has performed!
Like any anxious parent, I do pray to the supreme powers to answer their hard work with worthy results. This year has been no exception and my prayers have been answered. The batch of 2008-09 has performed incredibly well.
Our class XII science topper scored a whopping 96.2% and the commerce topper followed close at 95.4%. The class X students have scored equally well with the topper
Bagging 94.6%. With over a 100 students scoring
above 907o in class XII, I feel proud and humbled at the same time.
Our achievements have set new standards and proved to us that dedication towards a chosen aim is the secret of success. It has been our earnest endeavour to provide our students with an enriching and positive environment, state of the art facilities to inculcate value based overall development.

I am extremely thankful to my team of teachers who are committed in true spirit to our quest of providing the best to our learners. It reminds me of a quote by Rabindranath Tagore," a teacher is a life long learner, a lamp that burns itself to illuminate the lives of others."
I also send my best wishes to all students of class XII who are now embarking on a new journey, starting anew chapter in life. Keep the DPS motto in your heart and your eyes on the goal, believe me the almighty will pave way for you!
God bless