Monday, May 4, 2009


While reading the newspaper yesterday, a remark by a columnist set me thinking. It read, ôBeing sensitive is the first step towards being civilized.ö

Are we really a sensitive creed?

What defines being sensitive? Giving charity for popularity and not understanding why your child cries at night or scolding the maid for being late for work when we know her husband is struggling with a fatal disease in the hospital.

Sensitivity is the ability to look at peopleÆs problems as your own, having a heart that beats for the welfare of all, the magnanimity of character to stand by a friend in troubled times, the nobility of a soul that makes sure that it radiates happiness and generates a smile on all faces, a heartfelt compassion for all bonds of humanity and the grace and humility to bow before the Almighty.

I would like to ask all my students, how many of them would know the name of the gardener who takes care of the beautiful blossoms at school, or tried thanking the guard or peon who cleans their classroom?

LetÆs teach our children to create this beautiful concoction of gratitude and sensitivity that they could use as the basic ingredient while baking the cake of life.

So friends and children, go out today and try wiping a tear from a childÆs face, plant a tree, help that colleague, praise that subordinate, and pray for everyoneÆs welfare.

I would also like to thank parents and students who have joined our blog. Let this be a platform for discussion, initiation and action.

Thank you all and God bless.

Vinay kumar