Thursday, April 16, 2009


Every person has his or her own vision of an ideal school. Mine is that of a second home for the child, an environment as full of love and encouragement as the first. A place where the child can grow without inhibition, learn without constraints, cherish the new and fascinating knowledge endowed with passion. School should be bright, sunny, and colourful… I believe that the closer we are to nature’s sublime serenity, the more mature and wise we become. This dream for my child became reality when she joined DPS VK in class 11 last year.
I find DPS VK as an organization far superior to others in its category. The freedom given to the students (at least in 11th and 12th ) lets them think for themselves, develop their own personal ideals, and pursue their goals as they may. The students themselves are held accountable for their achievements and the marks they get. This ultimately develops the leadership factor and I’m sure tomorrow will be full of leaders minted by this very institution. The regular opportunity for parent-teacher interaction is appreciable and contributes towards making school the second home that parents envision. I also highly welcome the excellent communication system by means of the school website which keeps us well informed. The atmosphere is perfect. In my opinion, the green ambience and fresh air are enough to make us all forget that we are in India’s most polluted city. In a way, it imbibes a sense of responsibility towards the land and nation. Kudos to DPS VK!!!

Dr. Joseph Davis, K. Shyamala
Parents of Amenda Davis (12-E)