Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lessons from Mother Nature

Lessons from Mother Nature

As I walk everyday through the sylvan surroundings of the school, each blooming flower is a sight to behold! Spring at DPS Vasant Kunj campus surely feels like a soulful divine experience. The plush rose beds, the blooming dahlias remind me of lines from a poem by Keats – “Inspite of all, some shape of beauty moves away the pall from our dark spirits. Such the sun, the moon, trees old and young,sprouting a shady boon.”

All this beautiful bounty presented by the Almighty, such expression of selfless devotion, an ardent desire to only serve and bring happiness makes me love life inspite of all its complexity.

In fact it also brings to my mind a certain thought – why do we not learn anything from these natural examples of service and devotion? Why not radiate happiness so that this world becomes a better place? Perhaps this earth can be the best teacher – what seems placid on the surface is in fact a harbinger of life!

A story I once read is coming back to me. A man went out asking people to give him what they held most precious. Most people shooed him away or jeered at him for being a lunatic, others outrightly refused to part with their most prized possessions. Finally, one man took out a diamond ring from his pocket at gave it to this gentleman without any qualms although he knew, that it was all he had. What I want to point out here is that the diamond ring is not important – what is beautiful – is the act of giving. Learn to give and share. All natural elements are constantly practicing the art of giving and sharing happiness, hence are in a state of bliss and harmony. Unlike our species which is constantly trying to grab and snatch to fulfill selfish ends.

May the Almighty show you the light. My good wishes for Baisakhi and Earth Day.

God bless!

Vinay Kumar