Friday, March 27, 2009


TO ALL WITH LOVE………………………….
Dear Friends, colleagues and students,
My good wishes to all of you as we step into the new academic session.
Apart from the spring cleaning sessions by us, the excitement is evident on all faces as we walk into our new classrooms, to be welcomed by a new set of beaming learners. The sparkling white uniforms, new bags, new books, new friends, new sections and not to forget the new subject teachers set the pace for an eventful year. The general feeling of bonhomie in fact is radiated even by the blossoms of the garden.

But this year as we walk into the new session I would like to pass on a thought to all of you to ponder on—
Have we all not forgotten to value people— Have we not built around our hearts barriers of negativity and prejudice and simply turned into cold, insensitive beings?

How many times did we think of thanking the Gardner who waters the plants at school or touched the feet of our parents or simply hugged our mothers without a reason or maybe passed a smile at a colleague who was feeling blue?
From the time that I was a little girl—I have heard from my mother about the law of the universe—whatever we send out, it comes back to us in manifold proportions.
I remember asking her that if I sent out a smile or did one good deed would it come back to me multiplied and she said “Yes!”

Therefore, lets go out there and help that junior school kid find his classroom, help bandage a friend’s wound, cover the notebooks for our younger sibling, go thank our nursery and prep class teachers for helping us ignite the lamp of knowledge, make a cup of tea for our mom, hold that senior citizen’s hand to cross the road and help a colleague wind up her pending work and thank God in true spirit for all his blessings.

Remember, we have only one life to live and share!
May God shower his choicest blessings on all of you.
With love to all my students and friends
Shivani Malik
P.G.T English