Monday, May 23, 2016


  Rest Is Not Idleness, And To Lie Sometimes On The Grass Under The Trees On A Summer’S Day, Listening To The Murmur Of Water, Or Watching The Clouds Float Across The Blue Sky, Is By No Means Waste Of Time.       
                                                                                                        -John Lubbock                                                             
It’s that time of the year when there is cheer in the air…Holidays are here. Vacation itineraries are being planned to perfection. To beat the scorching Delhi heat, everyone ventures out to idyllic destinations, relaxes in refreshing getaways. Some indulge in adventurous activities while others catch up with family and friends.
Holidays surely are a fun way to momentarily get away from the mundane humdrum of life and refreshen ourselves. We need to enjoy and unwind, making the most of our holidays.
However, at the same time, holidays are also an opportune time to reflect. Ponder on our tasks ahead, plan out our pending goals, strategize our work…so that once we come back rejuvenated from the break, we are sorted. We get a head start to begin with and are also crystal clear in our minds about the road ahead.
So children, enjoy your vacations to the fullest…bring back rich experiences and vibrant memories. Explore new places, discover things, build your repertoire and develop creative skills…