Thursday, March 5, 2009

History is theirs whose language is the sun

“History is theirs whose language is the sun”

……………………………………………… and the sun never sets at Delhi Public School Vasant Kunj.

From the moment I stepped into the portals of this institute ten years ago I have experienced an unparalleled degree of freedom of thought and expression .Every aspect of the school’s design, symmetry and ideology provide extraordinary opportunities in meaningful interaction, experimentation and insight formation. So much so that the harmonious sylvan surroundings become the Echoing Green. This freedom has cradled immense innovation and extensive evolution within the confines of the classroom. The spark manifests itself in the form of creative pronouncement in my teaching methodologies and all my endeavours as an educationist. As a teacher of this premier educational institute I immensely value the latitude provided as well as the trust placed in us .For not only does it give wings to our potential but also ensures that the same credence percolates to the student community we interact with. This defines itself as the hallmark of this school!

Freedom bears a hand in glove relationship with change. That which is constant is stagnant – DPS Vasant Kunj has always defied the static and supported movement. For, in movement there is change and in change there is power. It is this change that empowers and equips our learners to be global citizens of a new world order. The conceptualisation of the school’s ideology provides a conducive milieu for the values of giving and sharing and social responsibility to take root in the individual.

This blog is highly symbolic of the aforementioned spirit of freedom.It will truly foster meaningful interaction and communication to enhance the cause of education.I congratulate the authorities on the inception of this dais.

Knowledge shared is knowledge generated. Looking forward to learning through this platform!

Best Wishes