Monday, March 9, 2009

Colours of Life

Colours of Life

The month of march brings to our life a lot of colour and festivity. Nature seems to be rejuvinating after a harsh winter and flowers seem to be in full bloom. This month also ushers in a joyous mood with the festival of Holi. I wish all students and parents a safe and colourful holi.

My blog this fortnight will also revolve around colours and the values they represent. To begin with is the colour Green- which is closet to my heart and is also the DPS uniform colour – representing knowledge, growth and the virtue of patience.

I have always felt that a good student and teacher is one who inculcates the virtue of Patience and consistent hard work. It reminds me of a story that I once read a long time ago.

A virtuous young man was in search of the true teacher or in other words the Ideal Guru. His search led him to shortlist few learned men whom he thought had the inner illumination to provide guidance. But how should he decide on the best one?

This problem led him to devise s strategy. He put a crow in a cage and subsequently took it to all those learned men as a gift and told them that it was a rare pigeon that he had brought them as a gift. Well, all of them shunned and abused the young man for trying to fool them.
Except one. This teacher sat and patiently deduced with logic and inference that the bird being offered was a crow and not a pigeon. He then accepted this gift humbly.

The young lad was mesmerized by the teacher who made sure that his student had been satisfied on all accounts. Thus patience as a virtue reigned supreme and the young lad was under the tutelage of this teacher many years hence.

Hoping that all of you will also attempt to imbibe this mother of all virtues.

Good luck and God bless.

Vinay Kumar