Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Independence Day Greetings

Greetings to all on the nation's Independence Day!
May this day take all countrymen fast away....
Away from the drudgery of a mediocre life,
Away from narrow behaviour and selfish strife.
The country stares at a critical phase in history;
Its march to greatness awaits moments of victory.
The Indian genius needs to fully come to the fore,
Our tasks defined, we have to persevere and score.
Nothing is impossible for this great Aryan race.
This short inglorious period--we'll quickly efface.
Our resurgence will be unprecedented and high.
Our progress as a nation will touch the sky.
This is a divine writ of history that none can erase,
It's a necessity for survival and welfare of entire human race.
Happy Independence Day to all !!