Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Power of Language

'Yes. We Can' - Three words that took America by storm - simple words that are magical and perhaps deceptive - that have transported a people to a utopian tomorrow. They have brought  a revolution. Barrack Hussein Obama is a most unusual name for an American citizen leave alone the President of the United States. He has followers called Obamaniacs who wait on every word uttered by their 'Redeemer'. His words have touched the hearts of millions of Americans - both black and White alike.America has shed its racial inhibitions and is singing to the tune of an African American.All this had been done even before he had taken oath as President. What has brought this sea-change, this great surge? THE POWER OF LANGUAGE AND COMMUNICATION. He has said all that the people of America and the world wish to hear in these troubled times - The Message Of Hope and Change. His words have the power to heal.
Communication in today's world is of utmost importance.There is no problem in this world which cannot be resolved through dialogue, whether it is a disagreement between a parent and a teenager or a matter of war and peace between nations.Communication is the only civilized way out.
Mumbai was under attack on 26/11. It brought out the heroic best in our commandos, policemen, media and the common man and the worst in politicians who uttered unforgiveable statements like 'Events like these are everyday common incidents' and 'Even a dog wouldn't visit his house' for Major UnniKrishnan's father. The nation was outraged and the effect was felt in the political world where a CM lost his seat and another had to apologise.Such is the power and effect of language.You can use it as an instrument of love and peace or one of hatred and violence.The choice is yours ! So,